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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Benaud in blue and other media moments

A couple of cricket related snippets from this morning's TV.

Sunday (but not mentioned on its website ) had Richie Benaud previewing (and in his low key way plugging the telecasts of) the Ashes series. As usual everything he said was measured and substantial. What struck me, though, was his attire: a blue jacket, not his customary cream, beige or thereabouts. What or who is behind this? Someone of his reputation doesn't need to reinvent himself at this stage of his career.

ABC TV's Offsiders, which should but doesn't have its own website, had a home video type clip of Barrie Cassidy, batting in spectacles but minus pads, being dismissed in a game. He was hitting across the line, which he doeesn't often do on either Offsiders or Insiders.
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