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Monday, January 22, 2007

One person's meat....?

There's yet another addition to the list of former Indian cricketers who have fallen fall of the law (though not all have yet been dealt with, so this is not to be taken as sub judice). The former slow left armer and opening batsman who is remembered in these parts as Shane Warne's first test wicket, Ravi Shastri, now is the subject of an action against him for hurting the religious sentiments of his community. His (alleged) offence? Eating, or admitting to a partiality for, biltong, a South African dried meat product similar to jerky.

I've not tasted biltong, but if it's anything like jerky I'm surprised that anyone who professes to be a vegetarian (as Shastri's antagonists apparently believe him to be) could be converted to meat eating after gnawing their way through a strip of it. Perhaps the South Africans know how to make their biltong more palatable.
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