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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Trivia

Here are a few trivia questions which I've circulated to friends (including, as you might infer from the questions, several with Yorkshire connections) . I'll publish answers after 3 January.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!


1, This week England collapsed losing 5/13 and almost a Test match. It hasn't been the worst collapse in first class cricket so far this month. Who lost 5/9 and also the match?

2. Also this month which team won a match by scoring 1/445 in the fourth innings?

3. Which Yorkshire wicketkeeper once scored a half century when opening the batting for England?

4 Which Yorkshire wicketkeeper's autobiography was called Taking It From Behind ?

5. Which Yorkshire wicketkeeper also played professional soccer for a Football League club?

6. Who was the wicketkeeper who captained England and played for Yorkshire.

7. Did the Wigan goalkeeper who was in goal during his side's recent 9- 1 drubbing by Spurs hold his place in the team afterwards?

8. Who played in goal for 4 Football League clubs and bowled for 4 counties?

9. Who, in the last decade, has opened the batting and bowling in the same Test?

10. Which country has never fielded a Test player named Johnson: (a) England (b) India (c) New Zealand (d) Zimbabwe?
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