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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ashes T2 harbinger? SA & WA draw after 4 high scoring days on Adelaide Oval's new drop in pitch.

Despite some good intentions, after hearing on ABC radio ( which despite stories floating around seems not to have just yet stopped broadcasting Sheffield Shield cricket, at least on weekends) that WA looked to be holding the SA attack at bay, I turned my mind to other, non  - cricketing, things.

A draw eventuated as expected,  and in its wake speculation about the Adelaide Oval wicket. Too much in favour of batting? Is the Pope a Catholic?

There is another Shield match - SA vTasmania - to be played on the Oval before Ashes T2, though at the same time as, and hence in the shadow of, T1 ( not to mention the just announced Rolling Stones concert to "open" the new Oval - as if T2 won't).  

I'd expect that one - the Shield fixture that is - to provide a further pointer to the likely result of T2: a draw.

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