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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blues beat Red(back)s in one day game

In the FRODC (Ford Ranger One Day Cup) match at the Adelaide Oval yesterday, as in the concurrent US mid-term elections, the Blue Party (NSW/ Democrats) prevailed over the Reds (SA Redbacks/Republicans). The Redbacks made 7/251, with Lehmann (as is his custom) and Ferguson (a welcome return to form) making the major contributions.

I thought this was a defendable but not matchwinning score. These days something of the order of 270 - 280 seems to be about par for the 50 over course.

The Blues stuttered at first, with Jaques ( continuing a poor run) and Michael Clarke (direct from the Champions Trophy in Mumbai) falling cheaply. Fortunately two of the less experienced players, Cowan (who'd failed in each innings of the four day game) and Christian (who was listed on the scoreboard batting order at no 7 but came in at 4), steadied the team with 74 and 68 respectively and provided Haddin (56 no) with a platform to hit out in the closing overs and win by 4 wickets with 4 balls remaining. For the score see here.

I was present for the final overs of the SA and the opening ones of the NSW innings when I took the photos above which show Stuart Clark who, surprisingly in view of his performance in the PC four day game, didn't bowl his full quota of overs, and Shaun Tait, captured close to the moments of delivery. Note the latter's slinging action.
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