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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Matt Price in The Weekend Australian had a great piece about Cricket for Dummies (or C4D as he calls it), the latest in the yellow and black manuals for the un- or partly-initiated. The online version omits some choice Priceisms, eg:

Notwithstanding the formidable length and comprehensiveness of C4D, there are still several glaring omissions. Nothing at all in the index about text messaging or targeting bunnies, no sign of a chapter on Blaming the Media, nary a word on subcontinental bookmakers, not a shred of advice to celebrating cricketers about shirtfronting techniques to be applied to swiftly remove pesky foreign officials from victory podiums. Perhaps all this will be included in the second edition.

This is only a sample. If you can still get hold of the print edition, the full article is on p56.

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