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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The umpire speaks back

Today's Offsiders included a segment about cricket umpire Simon Taufel, who was recently voted the top official at the Australian sporting awards, even though he's unable to officiate in tests involving Australia (ODIs except for World Cup finals are OK).

The interview with Barry Cassidy (not Casidy as the website says) is worth watching (or reading when the transcript is posted), not least because Taufel comes across as assured, articulate and diplomatic. John Harms, one of the panel, said that he has a future in politics: a backhanded compliment, yet not one that could be paid to many current players in many sports.

I've previously said that Australian cricket followers should see more of umpire Taufel in tests. He will officiate at the World Cup but, as he confirmed today, not in the final if Australia is playing, which is a pity.

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