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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Parkinson's lore

Today, during the lunch interval of the Test, Channel Nine's Cricket Show featured an interview with (now Sir) Michael Parkinson in which, prompted by Mark Nicholas, he talked about cricket and some other sporting topics.

The full interview doesn't seem to be available anywhere: Channel Nine seemed to have stopped archiving the Cricket Show this season, which IMO is a pity, but an edited version was shown on tonight's A Current Affair.

Sir Michael began his media career as a sports reporter and, as he was a Yorkshireman, this naturally involved a good measure of reporting cricket. I remember reading his columns in The Sunday Times when I first went to England in 1968 . One phrase that sticks in my memory is his description of the life of a sports reporter in those days: "cycling the backside out of a pair of trousers". How things change.
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