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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Passions cool... for the moment

Cricket was still on the front pages today: "Spoilsports leave Test tour up in the air" was TheAustralian's (inaccurate by this morning) front page headline, accompanied by photos of Bhajji on the beach at Bondi and Brett Lee filming a Bollywood movie at the SCG , together with another review of the situation by Peter Lalor .

The Advertiser reached for the big fonts for its headline: "India gets ump fired", while The Age's was longer, but said essentially the same thing: "Howzat? Bucknor gets his marching orders as cricket's bosses try to appease angry India."

The Age did print some pieces which provided more food for thought (what a banquet we've had this week): "Cricket's racism bogy" Waleed Aly,(which includes the Spooner cartoon I mentioned in another post) and "Without grace, winning is nothing" by Philip Pond "a British expatriate living in Melbourne", which reads like a Private Eye Rev J C Flannel parody.

Peter Roebuck has been put back from page 1 into his kennel on the sports pages with a more even handed piece ("Australians not the only ones with issues here") than yesterday's, which elicited a stern rejoinder ("Indians find support in Pommy critique") from The Australian's
New Delhi correspondent Bruce Loudon. The Age's man in New Delhi Matt Wade ("A nation's wrath over honour slighted") reports on how he was hung out to dry as the token Australian on a TV panel discussion program.

The Australian has a photo gallery of some t-shirts on sale in India (with the option to switch off the captions) .

One for the road: after all the carrying on (and the opportunity for the Indians to spend more time in Sydney) the team bus was apparently involved in a minor accident, though the Indian media manager has denied that this happened. Hmm.

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