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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Revised rules?

New rules proposed by an Indian blogger with, I think, tongue in cheek, though I'm not so sure about some of them, eg

(5) All AUSTRALIAN players are eligible to keep commenting about all players on the field and the OPPONENT TEAM should never comment as they will be spoiling the spirit of the AUSTRALIAN team. Any comments made in any other language are to be considered as RACIALISM only.

(6) MATCH REFREE decisions will be taken purely on the AUSTRALIAN TEAM advices only. Player views from the other teams decisions will not be considered for hearing. MATCH REFREES are to be given huge bonus if this rule is implemented.

(7) NO VISITING TEAM should plan to win in AUSTRALIA. This is to ensure that the sportive spirit of CRICKET is maintained.

Update later 9 January

In today's Age there's a Spooner cartoon (p13, though not online as far as I can tell) showing an Australian batsman grovelling before a weeping Indian player, with this text:

Kindness before cricket (An official amendment to the spirit of the game)

Section (axi): Whenever a team perceives that losing a match has caused or may be likely to cause, incredibly awful rage or horrible disappointment, then the match referee must instruct the insensitive winning team to forthwith surrender its advantage so as to accord the persecuted losing team a full victory and, where appropriate, an abject apology.

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