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Friday, March 23, 2007

New Zealand and Netherlands prevail: World Cup day 10

In the Group C match at St Lucia, Canada followed the strategy (if it can be called that) adopted by many of the minnow countries and put New Zealand in after winning the toss. The outcome: batting practice for the Black Caps who rattled up 5/363 from 50 overs, their highest ODI total. The major beneficiary of Canada's largesse was Lou Vincent, who recovered from a poor run to post 101/117b. Everyone who batted got a start; skipper Fleming 66/67b and keeper McCullum 52 (in an amazing 21b) particularly enjoyed themselves.

The Canadians, with captain Davidson firing on all cylinders, fought back vigorously. It took the NZ attack 9.4 overs to make the first breakthrough: 1/76 of which Davidson made 52/31b. This was the high water mark of the innings, but the tide did not ebb rapidly until the 4th, 5th and 6th wickets fell between 201 and 207. The team survived until the final over before the 9th wicket fell (one player had retired hurt) for 249.


In the other game, a contest between minnows, saw Netherlands (whose captain had omitted himself from the eleven) comfortably defeat Scotland.


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