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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Predictable result as game (just) goes into fourth day

Today Tasmania (337 and 2/72) completed an 8 wicket victory over South Australia (139 and 269).

As the Cricinfo Bulletin headline puts it"Tasmania jump to top with easy win". I predicted the result after day 1, and events in other games have put Tasmania at the top of the Pura Cup table, and given it a chance of hosting the final provided things go well for them in their final match against NSW later this week.

What can one say about SA? The batting improved in the second innings though it was distressing that seven of the first eight got a start (19 or more) yet the top score was only 59.

I won't comment further as I didn't see any of the play. I'll try to motivate myself to go and watch some of the final home game of the season, against WA, which starts on Thursday, but won't expect any more than another drubbing.

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