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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

England's tactics leaked to media

Today ABC Radio broadcast a leaked document which revealed the England tactics for dealing with each Australian batsman (right down to Glenn McGrath).

It's also been posted on several British websites, including theTelegraph online.

IMO much of it is not too controversial but there are some detailed instructions for dealing with players such as Ricky Ponting which have been shown to work, eg "Pulls Infront of Square in Air (Depth)" was reflected in his dismissal today, as the Cricinfo report confirms:

Flintoff to Ponting, OUT, GODDIM! Flintoff banging it in, short and wide and Ponting tries to pull it, gets a top edge to Alastair Cook at midwicket who steadies himself and swallows an easy catch.

I don't have too much of a problem with the document's publication, and would even like to see the ABC refer to it more. Today when their commentary team was discussing it I heard more description of bowlers' field placings than I've heard for a long time.
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