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Friday, December 08, 2006

Premature evacuation

One of the few blemishes on Alan McGilvray's reputation as a cricket broadcaster was that he missed the end of the Aust - WI tied test at Brisbane in 1960 because he concluded that Australia would win easily and caught an early flight back to Sydney.

He has now been joined, according to Geoff McClure in The Age , by several other august names from the cricket commentariat including its doyen Richie Benaud (who played in the 1960 game). The others outed by the paper were Damien Fleming, Tony Greig, Geoff Lawson and Jim Maxwell.

I'm sure there have been other instances of this happening, but it does make me wonder how expert these so called experts are if they completely eliminated from their planning the possibility of a close finish which might require their attendance.

In retrospect it now looks more as if the main reason SACA opened the Adelaide Oval gates at 5pm on Tuesday was to allow easier egress for the departing commentators and the security guards double booked for the Robbie Williams concert, not
to allow locals to watch the end of the match free.
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