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Saturday, December 16, 2006

South Australia infected with English disease

SA, without an injured Shaun Tait, did well to have Qld 3/17, 4/44, 5/53, 6/58 and 7/77, thanks mainly to Jason Gillespie (5/41). Then, as often happens in these games, the tail wagged and eventually posted a total of 192, which was enough to see off SA's feeble response of 171. The Bulls are now 2/138 in their second innings. The scorecard is here.

This is very disappointing. After the Redbacks won the one day match on Wednesday with a six off the last ball I was expecting this spirit to be carried over into the four day game, but so far, with a couple of notable exceptions, eg Gillespie, it hasn't been.

Yesterday Cricinfoand Adelaide Now reported that bad feeling has been generated between the coach and players on the one hand and the SACA hierarchy on the other.

If SACA leaked the story to the media this was not wise, but it's obvious to anyone with the slightest interest in the Redbacks that they have underperformed this year. While Qld is in the better position in the current game, the home team should, repeat should, be capable of fighting back, otherwise people will believe that they've contacted the same disease as seems to have infected the England team.
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